Thinking about or preparing to sell your home? If so, this is the book for you. We will tell you what you need to know before you interview any real estate agents or make any decisions about price.

Suppose it's dinner time for your family. Chances are you wouldn't pick up the phone, call the closest restaurant, and ask them to "send over your best dinner for four people". Obviously, you would review the menu and make choices based on each of the four people. You make choices based on quality and content of the food, the price, and the variety. You make your dining decisions on information you already have and knowing what to do with it.

"8 Hours To Sell Your Home" is designed to prepare you ahead of time to make the best possible decisions. We provide you with helpful tips through every step of the process. So many ideas that it takes you 8 hours to listen to our audiobook version!

You can hire any real estate agent you choose, or none at all. You can determine your cost for necessary repairs and replacements according to your own schedule.

Too many people make the mistake of leaving the selling of their home in the hands of others instead of being in charge of the process. Suppose you own a restaurant. Even if you hire the best cooks and wait staff, they still execute their craft under your guidance. No matter what their experience, they are hired to carry out their role as you want them to.

This is how you need to approach selling your home. Even if you hire the best agent and the best contractor and the best handyman, they all should be hired to carry out their role as you want them to. This book helps you to be the boss and how to ride herd over everyone involved to get you the results you want as quickly as possible.

The experts may "know the market", but you need to be the expert who "knows the house". Our strategies apply whether you have a single family home,, townhouse, condo, mobile home, mansion, or multi-unit property. No matter what your location.
60 complete chapters and hundreds of ideas!
From your initial steps all the way through what to do after your home is listed and until the sale is complete! Especially finding the right agent!

Learn how to research your neighborhood and not make the same mistakes your neighbors already have!
Your complete plan for improvements, planning for showings, and providing additional options before you hire an agent to “truly” work for you!
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"Great advice! When we showed the agent more about our home than she showed us we knew we had control over getting our house sold"
Bill & Sharon Stetz
Being ready with local estimates for repairs kept my buyer from nickel and diming me. I had never thought of these techniques, and they got me thousands of dollars more!"
Eugene Rollins
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"We listened while we walked around the house with our checklist. This is so worthwhile!"
Rahid & Lahti
Dave Kohl
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