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8 Hours To Sell Your Home
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Thinking About Or Planning To Sell? This is the book for you!!
60 Chapters Filled With Helpful Information!
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"From what the agents don't tell you to what you tell the agents"
About The Author:

    Dave Kohl
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60 complete chapters and hundreds of ideas!
From your initial steps all the way through what to do after your home is listed and until the sale is complete!
Learn how to research your neighborhood and not make the same mistakes your neighbors already have! 
Your complete plan for updating advertising, planning for showings, and providing additional options before you hire an agent to “truly” work for you!

How and why to fight the low appraisals, find your home’s unique selling points, highlight the strength and appeal of your neighborhood, and target specific potential buyers! 
Tips on exactly what to fix up, repair, and dispose of, how to make your home sparkle, along with a way to attract potential buyers before it is officially listed!
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Excerpt #1 - Choosing Your Advertising Source(s)
Excerpt #2 -
Why Advertising Is So Important To The Sale
Excerpt #3 - You Must Monitor Ads
ISBN 978-0-578-13609-7
Amazon 17-PE-99-114K
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8 Hours To Sell
Your Home
At home!
Your Commute!
Working Out!
On Your Phone!
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