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      Dave Kohl

More than 25 years of Real Estate

Public Speaker


About The Author:
Dave Kohl has more than 25 years of experience specific to marketing, advertising, and market research specific to real estate. He has personally written more than 12,000 unique advertisements for properties around the country which sold, along with performing market research.

Kohl has worked for agents and investors around the country on everything from feasibility studies and property brochures to branding via social media, blogs, and updated web site content. He has also presented at numerous realty association conventions and expos, providing marketing strategies utilized by agents to help with buyers and sellers.
In addition, he has worked with "For Sale By Owner" publications and web sites over the years, often helping sellers to create advertisements. While doing so, he saw first hand how home owners didn't know enough about preparing their home for sale, thus leaving them at the mercy of agents who don't always attract the best offers they should.

His industry involvement ranges from representing companies which provide services such as virtual reality and advance renderings to builders and developers; marketing software to help real estate investors to analyze and compare potential deals; securing funding for investors and business owners via Fewcle.com; and consulting with brokers and investors on a variety of marketing strategies.
His "Dave Kohl Real Estate Marketing Blog" has provided industry commentary for more than 10 years, leading to his thousands of social media followers and requests to speak at real estate organization meetings. This puts him in the unique position of helping agents to more effectively work with buyers and sellers while this book is among the ways he can help sellers work more effectively with industry professionals.

Dave is also the author of "Market Research - A Key Competitive Advantage", which is geared toward business executives and entrepreneurs and is filled with strategies on how to better research and improve your business position to surpass your competitors.
1- Identify The Strengths
2- Why The Agent Makes A Huge Difference
3- Creating Your Plan Of Action
4- Starting Your Plan
5- Finding Your Best Selling Points
6- Scouting For Potential Buyers
7- Performing The Initial Interior Walk-Through
8- Taking The Initial Exterior Walk-Through
9- Your Location Location Location
10- Dare To Compare Homes
11- Preparing The Interior
12- Preparing The Exterior
13- Making Your Home Unique
14- Determining Possible Upgrades
15- Starting Your Staging
16- Budgeting & Setting Your Stage
17- Looking Toward Your Asking Price
18- Home On The (Price) Range
19- Digging For More
20- Showing Why You Are Selling
21- Assessing Your Taxes And Fees
22- Love Thy Neighborhood
23- Finding Energy Related Savings
24- Forming Your Asking Price
25- Dealing With The Home's Flaws
26- Working To Justify Your Asking Price
27- Working Harder To Justify Your Asking Price
28- Presenting Examples To Justify Your Price
29- Exploring Realty Agents Pt. 1
30- Exploring Realty Agents Pt. 2
31- Finding The Niche For Your Home
32- Fighting The Appraisal Battle
33- Learning About The MLS
34- Choosing The Agents To Interview
35- Researching The Agents
36- Checking Their Advertising
37- Comparing The Agent Capabilities
38- Exploring Their Different Selling Techniques
39- Providing The Full Picture(s)
40- Considering Your Open House
41- Narrowing Down Your Agents List
42- Preparing To Interview Agents
43- Creating Your Photo Opportunities
44- Considering Video Tours
45- Showing Off Your Home For Sale
46- Budgeting For Advertising & Marketing Pt. 1
47- Budgeting For Advertising & Marketing Pt. 2
48- Determining Commissions & Related Costs
49- Attracting Attention To Your Home For Sale
50- Implementing Your PreSale Opportunity
51- Scheduling Your Agent Interviews
52- Being Ready For Agent Interviews
53- Making Your Decisions
54- Exploring Other Options - Renting, etc.
55- Listing Your Home For Sale
56- Planning An Exit Strategy
57- Riding Herd On Your Selling Team
58- Preparing For Making Changes
59- Continuing To Compare & Update
60- Conclusion
Learn How To Get Top Dollar !



60 Informative Chapters: