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The AUDIO BOOK Designed To Help Get A Fair Price For Your Home
If your business depends on home sales in your area, we can help.

Let First In Promotions provide you with 20 or more copies of “8 Hours To Sell Your Home” on CD, including your name (if applicable) and/or company name on the cover!

Give copies away to current and potential customers. This makes the constant and ideal reminder for them to use your products/services before or during their home selling process!

We’ll put your logo and/or company message on each cover at no additional cost. Fast turnaround!

Order a minimum of 50 copies, and we’ll also include a one minute to three minute recorded message within one of the (audio book) CD’s for each, which we’ll help you to create.
The marketing experts at First In Promotions have years of experience specific to real estate advertising and marketing as well as performing countless seminars and live presentations. Let us bring “8 Hours To Sell Your Home” to your location!

Provide current and potential customers with “hands on” training to prepare their home for sale – and at a price they want.
We can work with attendees who bring information about their home, whether they are already working with a realty agent or not!

From one hour to eight hours, let us provide in-person advice. Whether in your conference room, store or shop, or community location such as an auditorium, lodge, or hotel. Groups from as few as 10 on up to 100+!

We’ll give them hours of tips designed to help prepare a home for sale, including cleaning and “fix up” tips, determining the listing price, bashing other homes for sale, finding the best selling points, and how and when to interview realty agents. And so much more!

Ask us about weekend and evening availability for your clients or staff!
For Your Business or Organization
ATTENTION: Mortgage Lenders, Title Companies, Contractors, Landscapers, Interior Designers, Home Stagers, Hardware Stores, Heating & Air Conditioning Services, Maid Services, and Local Retailers:

You’ll be able to use “8 Hours To Sell Your Home” within your advertising and publicity. Whether “The first 10 people to visit our showroom this Saturday”, “With a purchase of $25 or more”, or “Call me for your free copy”, our book and your “Private Label” exclusive will drive business your way.

Why not give them a bonus which directly refers them back to you?

Minimum order $198 for “Private Label” feature. Reseller program available in most states.

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"Being able to ask specific questions about our home was a huge help to prepare for the sale!"
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